Pristupačni Zagreb

In 2019, the development of a new online service of the City of Zagreb began, called Accessible Zagreb, which provides information on accessibility to various facilities from the public, private and civil sectors. The prototype of the service was developed within the Hackathon Accessible Zagreb, organized by the City Office for Social Protection and Persons with Disabilities in cooperation with the Zagreb Innovation Center.

There are currently approximately 2,500 facilities in the database and the number of facilities is planned to increase in the future. Facilities are categorized, depending on the level of accessibility, as accessible, inaccessible or partially accessible. Accessibility is divided into three levels, access to the building, entrance to the building and interior of the building. Also, each facility contains a photo gallery showing accessibility status, and the service is integrated with Google Maps for easier navigation and travel planning.

The service is divided into eight categories, which include culture, education, sports, catering, administration, services, social welfare and health, and an increase in the number of categories is planned. Within each category there are subcategories and search engines, and search is also possible through the search engine on the home page of the service.

The list of organizers and sponsors is visible in the following link.